Niclas Aarestrup Shares a Wide Variety of Things to Do at Niagara Falls

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I recently had a memorable travel experience to the beautiful Niagara Falls.  The main purpose of my trip to Niagara Falls was to write for a travel magazine about my travel experiencesI was accompanied by a female colleague who is also a good friend.

Niagara FallsWe flew into Buffalo airport and it took us about 40 minutes to get to Niagara Falls. We were stopping on the Canadian side so it literally took five minutes to get over the border. We had booked us three nights to stay at a cute Bed & Breakfast on River Road.

We left the Bed & Breakfast the next morning and started walking along River Road towards the falls. The weather was a bit chilly, but we both enjoyed taking tons of photos.  We walked past the American Falls and up to the Niagara Falls Canada attractions. It was just amazing to see the amount of water; something we will both remember for the rest of our lives.

The Niagara Falls tours we did were “The Journey Behind the Falls” and the “Maid of the Mist.” It was brilliant to see the falls so close up and would recommend it to others. Helicopter tours, which are very popular, are also available. Not many people can resist crossing the Niagara River with a whirlpool cable car. The track was designed by a Spanish engineer and has been in operation since 1916.

I recommend a minimum stay of two days since there are lots of things to do in Niagara Falls Canada. You should allow more time for visiting the surrounding area.

on board the Maid of the MistIf you have small children with you, please visit the “Rainforest Cafe.” Here, you will be greeted by a roaring crocodile. There is also a casino close by. Watch the falls – it costs nothing and you don’t even have to squeeze in a dark suit or an evening dress. Shorts, sandals and a T-shirt match perfectly the dress code. Only the parking can be expensive.

Next up, we visited The “Butterfly Conservatory.” We were glad that we went early, because, since the flow of visitors was still within acceptable limits, we could look around in peace. You may take pictures, but you should not touch the butterflies. The whole atmosphere seemed very relaxed and calm. It was not, as expected, hot and humid. The tropical plants made ​​it seem like a real rain forest.

If you are tired from walking and do not want to eat or drink, you should visit the IMAX Theatre. The theatre has a 6o feet screen and amazing digital surround sound. The movies are educational and heart-pounding. Now you can also watch Hollywood blockbusters at the IMAX Niagara. Tickets are $14.50 for adults and $10.44 for children.


Niclas AarestrupAccommodations are abundant in Niagara Falls. From Bed & Breakfast to motels to luxury hotels – one has lots of options. We always have good experiences with Bed & Breakfast.  Here, we always get a really good breakfast. The only downsides are the hosts. We usually have such interesting conversations that breakfast ends up taking three hours and all our plans get messed up.


Other fun things to see if you have more time:
• The “Niagara Spanish Aero Car.” This is a cable car across the river.
• Botanical Gardens
• A fragrance garden (Fragrance Garden)
• The “Niagara Park Green House”, a greenhouse with free-flying tropical birds
• The Flower (Floral Clock)
• A Lilac Garden (Lilac Garden)
• Marineland, which is a mixture of zoo, circus and folk festival. Marineland is open from mid-     October until mid- April.
• The “Minolta Tower Centre”
• A Dinosaur park with miniature golf

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