Testimonial: Toronto Couple enjoy Niagara Attractions

“My husband and I were in the area visiting family, and since we had never been the Niagara Falls before, we decided to take a day trip there. When we arrived we decided to do some exploring, we went to the different areas of the falls, snapped photos, and really took in the beauty and serenity of the falls. After doing our exploring, we went and saw the IMAX presentation, which was a delight! We loved hearing about the history of the falls as well as the different daredevil stories, and seeing it on the IMAX screen was exhilarating! The IMAX technology really makes a world of difference. After the IMAX we went to the Daredevil Gallery which was really interesting as well, especially for my husband. He’s really into things like that (daredevil stories), so for him to get to see actual barrels used and get to hear the stories more in depth was a really fun experience. The most memorable part of this trip would have to be just being there for the first time, seeing the natural beauty that is Niagara Falls, that is something we’ll always remember. This trip far exceeded our expectations, we had no idea how captivating the falls are and all the different activities and amenities offered at Niagara Falls. My husband and I are planning on returning in the future, this time for longer than one day!”

Nancy MacDonald – Toronto, Ontario

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