Testimonial: Teenagers in Family enjoy IMAX

My husband and I had been to Niagara Falls many times in the past, but our twelve-year-old son and seventeen-year-old daughter had never been, so we decided now was the time. We arrived and checked into our room at the Marriott. The room was great! After we got settled, we headed out, had a nice lunch and walked around town for a while. We played mini-golf and afterwards our son insisted on going to the arcade. After spending some time in town, it began to get a little late and we were tired from traveling, so we went back to the hotel, rested, had a nice dinner and retired for the night.
We headed over and saw the IMAX, which was spectacular! We loved seeing the falls on the IMAX screen and my favorite part was that while we were enjoying ourselves we all got to learn about the history of the falls and the daredevils. Anything that combines fun and learning is a winner in my book! Although I had been to Niagara Falls several times in the past, I learned a lot from the IMAX.
After the IMAX we went through the Daredevil Museum, which the kids got a real kick out of. They were able to see and touch the items used by the daredevils and the staff members answered all of their questions. The staff was great – they were extremely courteous and accommodating.

Frank and Roxanne Smith – Chester, New York

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