Testimonial: New Yorker enjoys IMAX and Winery Tour

Three of my friends who I had not seen in many years were coming to visit, and we wanted to spend our time somewhere nice, so we decided to spend the weekend at Niagara Falls. We arrived late Friday evening, checked into the hotel, had dinner and retired for the night.
On Saturday, we spent the entire day on a winery tour. Sunday, we started the day by exploring around the falls, snapping photos and taking in the beautiful scenery. After exploring around the falls for a while, we headed over to the IMAX. All four of us thought the IMAX was spectacular! We really enjoyed seeing the falls on the IMAX screen, and it was nice to learn about the history of the falls as well as hear about the daredevil stories, some of which are astonishing!
After the IMAX we went to the Daredevil Museum, where we were able to learn more about the individual daredevils and their personal stories. We came to the conclusion that they were all crazy! We had no idea how they survived the fall, it really seems like it’d be impossible! After exploring the Daredevil Gallery we went over to Queen Victoria Park, explored the beautiful Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, then had a nice lunch and headed home.
The most memorable part of the trip was just spending a wonderful weekend with friends who I rarely get to see. The memory of this weekend will certainly not be forgotten. Overall, the trip was spectacular!

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