Testimonial: IMAX most memoriable at Niagara Falls

My wife and I like to make it out to Niagara Falls at least a few times a year, and we wanted something to do on a Saturday.  Since it is only an hour and a half drive from our home, we decided to spend the day there. We arrived and immediately went to see the falls. We walked around for a while, taking pictures and looking at the falls from different areas.
After exploring for quite some time, we went and saw the IMAX film, which was a delight. We very much enjoyed seeing the falls on the IMAX screen.  It is quite an exciting experience! After the IMAX we went to the daredevil gallery, where we spent time learning more about the different daredevils. The staff members did a great job explaining the history of the different daredevils, who they were and what the circumstances around their attempts were. It was really interesting.
After spending a while at the Daredevil Gallery, we had a nice lunch and headed over to the Botanical Gardens, which is one of our favorite parts of Niagara Falls. Once it got dark we enjoyed the fireworks and then had a nice dinner, after which we headed home. I’d say the most memorable part of this trip to Niagara Falls was the IMAX – I really enjoyed it. Even though we’ve been to the falls many times, every trip exceeds our expectations – it is really a special place!

Fernando Fuentes – Etobicoke, Ontario

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