Testimonial: IMAX enjoyed for historical aspects

Two of my friends and I wanted to take a weekend trip, and since I’d never been to Niagara Falls, my friends insisted that is where we should go. We arrived, checked into the hotel and immediately went to do some exploring around the falls. We did the Journey Behind the Falls, and being that this was my first real up-close view of the falls, I was blown away. I really enjoyed seeing the falls from the different decks and going through the different tunnels.
After the Journey Behind the Falls we went to see the IMAX, which I thought was a great presentation and exhibition. I especially enjoyed the historical aspects of the film, because they gave me some great insight into Niagara Falls’ background. After the IMAX we explored the Daredevil Museum, which was pretty neat and interesting. It was fun to see the actual apparatuses used by the daredevils to go over the falls.
After the Daredevil Museum we went on the Maid of the Mist, which I’ve been told over the years is a cannot-miss attraction. I’d certainly say that it lived up to its hype. In my opinion, not until you experience the Maid of the Mist do you understand the true power of Niagara Falls. I’d say with certainty that there aren’t many things in the world that compare to the feeling you get while out on those rapids.
In summary, we had a wonderful weekend at Niagara Falls and I cannot wait to return someday!

Patrick Bateman – Ottawa, Ontario

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