Testimonial: IMAX and Daredevil Gallery great Family Fun

My wife, two sons and I were in the area visiting some family friends, so we decided to take a day trip over to Niagara Falls. We had been there before, but it had been a few years since our last trip. We started off at the IMAX, which all of us really enjoyed. The kids loved the IMAX technology, and my wife and I loved the fact that they were learning something at the same time!
After the IMAX we went to the Daredevil Gallery, which was great because it was very hands on. The staff members answered all my kid’s questions with great enthusiasm, which I really appreciated. We hung around the Daredevil Gallery for a while before we walked over to the falls.
The kids went bonkers when we first got up close, we went to as many different vantage points as we could and took several pictures. It was a very enjoyable experience for all of us. After spending some time by the falls, we went over to the Butterfly Conservatory, where again, the kids went bonkers! We’d never seen the Butterfly Conservatory before and quite frankly, I was blown away by it.
After the Butterfly Conservatory we walked around, took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, had a nice late lunch, and called it a day. The most memorable experience of this trip was seeing my kids’ expressions when we first got up close to the falls, it was priceless. The trip was certainly a great family outing!

Denis Tessier – Orilla, Ontario

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