Testimonial: IMAX a must even for seasoned visitors

Our family has been to Niagara Falls many times – we usually make it out two to three times per year. This particular trip was with the whole family and we were just going for an overnight trip. We arrived, checked into the hotel, and then went down to Clifton Hill. The kids played games and everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves.
After spending a good deal of time at Clifton Hill we headed to Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. The food and service was excellent! We really enjoyed Brasa and would recommend it to anyone visiting the falls looking for a good meal. After dinner the kids went back to the hotel and the adults went to the casino.
We started off the next day at the IMAX, which was really interesting. I was happy the kids were able to learn some things and they seemed really blown away by the daredevil stories! After the IMAX we did a little more exploring but it began to storm, so we headed home. Just being able to spend time as a family was awesome. We’ll certainly be back to Niagara Falls one more time this year before the summer ends and hopefully we won’t run into the nasty weather.

Rav Leder – Mississauga, Ontario

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