Testimonial: Houston Texas visitor loves IMAX

I was in the area visiting family and I decided to drive out to Niagara Falls for a day trip. I had been there several times before and I always enjoyed it. When I arrived, I decided I would start out by just doing some exploring. I walked over to the falls and went to a few different decks and vantage points. The falls really give off a peaceful aura that I really enjoy.
I then walked over to the Botanical Gardens which were looking gorgeous. I continued to explore, snapped a lot of photos, and then I found my way over to the IMAX. I really enjoyed the IMAX. I love IMAX technology and to be able to see the falls in their beauty on the IMAX screen is really amazing! I love the historical aspect of the film as well.
I followed the IMAX up by visiting the Daredevil Museum, which was really fun as well. I loved being able to touch the barrels in which the different daredevils used to go down the falls. When you are standing there looking at the barrels, it is really hard to believe that someone went down the falls in them and survived! After the Daredevil Museum, I continued to explore, and then I called it a day. The most memorable part of this trip was the IMAX. I had not seen the Niagara Falls IMAX, so it was a real treat to finally experience it. Every trip to Niagara Falls exceeds my expectations – there is always something new to blow you away!

Veronica Creecy – Houston, Texas

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