Testimonial: Friends enjoy Daredevil Museum and IMAX

Two of my friends and I wanted to take an overnight trip and we decided to head out to Niagara Falls. We arrived on Saturday afternoon, checked into our hotel and had a nice lunch. After lunch we went swimming and hung around the hotel for a while. That evening, we took a nice walk around the falls. The falls were beautiful, and we had a great time observing them. After our walk around the falls we retired for the evening.
On Sunday morning we got up and unfortunately the weather was quite rainy and windy. We had breakfast and headed over to the Daredevil Museum. All three of us really enjoyed the Daredevil Museum. We were all really intrigued by the stories and when we were in the museum we were able to learn more in depth about the daredevils. I found it unbelievable that they had the actual barrels and other items used by the daredevils when they went over the falls. That blew me away!
After the Daredevil Museum we went to the IMAX. We all loved the IMAX! Seeing the falls on the IMAX screen was unbelievable! We felt like we were on some kind of roller coaster ride over Niagara Falls! It was quite exhilarating! After IMAX we did a little souvenir shopping then headed home. The most memorable part of the trip was certainly the IMAX, it was so exciting!

Sameera Sthrab – Toronto, Ontario

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