Testimonial: Clifton Hill, Maid of Mist and IMAX

My husband and I had a few days off work, so we decided to take a trip up to Niagara Falls. Neither of us had ever been there, so we were quite excited at the idea. We drove up, which took about eight hours, and we arrived Friday afternoon, checked into the hotel and relaxed for a while. We then headed out to Clifton Hill, had a late lunch and explored the area.
After Clifton Hill, we then headed over to the Maid of the Mist, which was awesome! We really enjoyed being out on the water, getting wet and feeling the power of Niagara Falls. After the Maid of the Mist, we had a nice dinner and headed back to the room to get some sleep.
On Saturday we started off by seeing the IMAX, which was a wonderful show. We really loved seeing the falls on the IMAX screen and learning the history of the falls. We also couldn’t get over some of those daredevil stories, they are really mind blowing! After the IMAX we did the Journey Behind the Falls, which was really nice as well. We got some great views of the falls and were able to take some nice pictures. We followed this up with Niagara’s Fury, which I loved!
After Niagara’s Fury we saw a really fun Magic Show, and went over the Whirlpool Bridge, which was pretty interesting. We then headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a while. On Saturday evening we had dinner at the Skylon Tower, which was a really nice experience. The food was good and the view was even better. After dinner we watched the fireworks over the falls, which was one of the most beautiful sights we’d ever seen!
On Sunday morning we got up, purchased some souvenirs, and headed over to the casino. After spending a few hours at the casino we packed up and headed back home. The most memorable part of the trip was observing the fireworks over the falls. It was really a spectacular sight. To be honest, seeing the falls at night is a vision in its own. The way they light up is unbelievable.  I wish we had more time so that we could have done more, but Niagara Falls is certainly at the top of our list for vacation next summer!

Elaine Rivela – Methuen, Massachusetts

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