Niagara IMAX to play Iron Man 3: The IMAX Experience

Prepare for ming-boggling, head-spinning, heart-breaking experiences when blockbuster movies come to the IMAX Theatre.

Iron Man 3There will be plenty of action, fantastic special effects, and complicated plots when Hollywood blockbusters come to IMAX Niagara Theater, beginning June 21, 2013.  IMAX Niagara kicks off the event with Iron Man 3, followed by Star Trek into Darkness and Man of Steel. The third installment of Iron Man, which brought in more than $175 million on its first U.S. weekend, is an action packed comedic success, known for its fight scenes and visual effects.  A perfect formula for an entertaining summer film; a must see in IMAX.

The projected image, which is 4,500 times larger than an average TV screen, virtually engulfs the audience. Together with an amazing six-channel surround-sound, IMAX creates an exciting cinema environment that’s as close to “being there” as you can get while still seated in a movie theatre. The sound comes from a 12,000 watt stereo system to provide the audience with life-like sound. From a tiny drop of rain to a huge clap of thunder, you’ll hear every shade and subtlety, regardless of where you are sitting.

According to a spokesman for IMAX Niagara, the theater is excited to showcase commercial movies in addition to educational films in the IMAX format. Over the years, IMAX Niagara has received numerous visitor comments about the lack of blockbuster movies offered in other theaters. Imax Niagara listened and is happy to offer this experience to its visitors for a fun filled Niagara Falls vacation. Advance tickets will be available for purchase online at

IMAX Niagara is part of the many fascinating Niagara Falls attractions which are visited by more than 12 million people each year. Once a popular destination for honeymooners, Niagara Falls tourism has seen some record-setting numbers over the past few years.

Are you a die-hard fan of Iron Man?  We’d love to hear from you about your IMAX experience.

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