Niagara Falls rain can’t spoil trip from Illinois. IMAX saves the day again!

When we first arrived and took a look at the Falls, it immediately began to rain. So we decided to find a place out of the elements and headed for the IMAX theater.

I have seen the IMAX about ten times and I always enjoy it. Being that I’ve visited so many times,  I always tell people to see it in at the BEGINNING of their trip because, not only is it a thrilling experience, but it gives you some background and history on what you are seeing.

We all loved hearing about the history of the Falls and all of the different Daredevils. My family members from India liked the IMAX so much they bought the DVD to take home as a souvenir. We also visited the Daredevil Gallery (I’ve also been there before and really enjoy it). My family from India loved how hands-on the exhibit was and they were mesmerized by some of the daredevil stories — especially the tightrope walk by the Great Blondin!

I would say the IMAX really enhanced the quality of our trip. Not only because it was a wonderful indoor activity that helped us escape the rain, but my family were ecstatic about the IMAX technology, and the big screen. They really had the time of their lives.

I will continue to bring visiting family members from India to Niagara Falls as they visit, because it is always a great experience.”

Kopesh S – Carol Stream, IL

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