Kathleen Bunn from Tallahassee shares Niagara Falls Experience

Kathleen Bunn from Tallahassee, United States provides insight into a Niagara Falls trip. Kathleen shares perspective on the best Niagara Falls attractions and things to do in Niagara Falls. See some incredible photos of Niagara Falls and surrounding area too!

From the attractions to history and adventure, what’s the one thing about Niagara Falls that has intrigued you?

That natural beauty. The fact that this amazing masterpiece that you can see, feel and experience up close and personal has stood the test of time and has been flowing for thousands of years just amazes me. The natural bounty the area has to offer is definitely the biggest draw for me.

View of Niagara Falls from the Observation Bridge

If this is your first visit to Niagara Falls, what motivated you to visit? If this is a revisit, what’s your reason for wanting to come back?

Aside from always having wanted to experience The Falls, I was visiting as part of the TMS Family Travel Conference, a collection of travel writers from around the country who have gathered to learn and share about the beautiful area.

American and Bridal Veil Falls from Maid of the Mist

What are five things your backpack to Niagara Falls must contain?

My backpack must contain, water, a DSLR camera, sunscreen, cell phone and chap stick.

A Side View of Horseshoe Falls from Maid of the Mist

Besides seeing Niagara Falls, what is the one thing you’d recommend doing to other visitors?

Visiting Old Fort Niagara. Although I only was able to experience the fort by lantern light at night, I know just from staff complete in authentic period attire and muskets, as well as the amazing history the Fort has to offer that it would be a “must do” attraction for visitors.

What is travel to you in one word?


What are three tips for an awesome budget trip to Niagara Falls?

Take advantage of free attractions like the Niagara Falls State Park, pack your own snacks and maybe even breakfast and lunch food to cut down on costs, and make a packing list so you don’t forget items that could end up costing a fortune to buy when you arrive.

A Side View of Horseshoe Falls from Maid of the Mist

What type of camera did you bring? Any tips on shooting Niagara Falls?

Nikon D3000 with a 50mm lens.

What surprised you about Niagara Falls?

I was surprised at how much the Niagara Falls area is being revitalized, and how many additional attractions the area has to offer families.

View of Horseshoe Falls from Maid of the Mist

As a travel destination, how would you rank Niagara Falls from 1 to 10?


Maid of the Mist Boat Passing by Horseshoe Falls

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a mother of four boys and blogger at LifeWith4Boys.com. I love to share adventures of family travel with my readers and thoroughly believe that children learn best when they are exploring new things around them. My focus in life is to explore and experience as much as possible with my kids.

Kathleen Bunn
Florida, United States



Please note: Photography on this page is copyright of Kathleen Bunn.

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