Is It Risky To Visit The Niagara Falls?

With all the adrenaline rush every tourist who comes here for the first time tends to experience, chances are the last thing on their mind is to be proactive when it comes to their safety. “What could possibly go wrong and how unsafe is the Niagara Falls anyway?” While there is no imminent danger of visiting the Falls, it is best to stay safe and keep in mind a few precaution measures, and these next few tips should help you out.

Wear The Right Clothes!

It is recommended to always keep a light water resistant jacket on you, alogn with an umbrella. The area is extremely windy due to the huge water volumes constantly falling, and even if it might not be raining, you should expect showers from the falls long with rapids that will immediately wet you. Keep your camera lens protected against water droplets so you don’t get home and discover all of your photos have been destroyed. 

Can I Fall Into The Niagara River?

Despite of the fact there are numerous railings located everywhere around the falls, there is still a potential peril of falling into the Niagara River and plunging over the falls. If in the past quite a few adventure lovers have tried to go over falls in barrels, not all of them succeeded and a few of them actually passed away. There are also daredevils who chose to jump over the falls to commit suicide, and there is data related to a single person who has managed to go over falls without using any flotation devices – and actually made it alive. So whatever you do stay away from any crazy movements and stay close to the barrels. If you like to take risks, try to limit your desires around casino gambling and solely play poker online on Poker Ladbrokes and other trustworthy platforms and stay away from life-threatening activities over the barrels. The current welcome bonus deal offered by the Ladbrokes fellows should satisfy your needs as a professional or newbie poker player – there is a welcome bonus worth up to £1,200, and a prize pool worth one million Euros for participants in the iPOPS VIII event – not the mention the Sin City vacation packages or the VIP loyalty rewards! Even more reasons to take on Ladbrokes poker as your number one risky hobby instead of playing the daredevil who flies over the Niagara Falls!    


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