Do You Want To Be A Niagara Daredevil?

If you are fascinated by the rich and impressive history of Niagara Falls daredevils who have built the weirdest travel mediums to conquer the Mighty Cataract either for financial or reasons of a different nature, we invite you to keep on reading. You will learn a few tricks that could prove to aid you in your similar endeavor of imitating their acts of courage or pure madness, whichever you would like to call them.

The King Of The Mighty Cataract

While the year 1850 was bringing in a breathtaking influx of over 60,000 visitors, people like Steven Trotter and Lori Martin, David Munday, Robert Overacker, or George Stathakis were turning into the daredevils the history was about to take memorable notes on. Needless to say they weren’t there just for the scenery – but to prove to the world they were able to conquer the Mighty Cataract – and unfortunately not all of them live to actually be able to tell their story. If you have been an adrenaline junky your entire existence and you are planning on becoming yet another one of the gutsy explorers wishing to triumph over the falls, you should have a strong plan and a travel means to help you get from one side to the other safe and sound.

George Stathakis managed to survive the unbelievable trip over the falls using a 2000-pound contraption of wood and steel, but unfortunately he died after getting trapped behind a curtain of water for no less than 22 hours. His barrel only had oxygen to be used for three hours. If you are thinking about building something similar, you will need to first of all use one of the modern day scuba diving specific equipments that will guarantee you will have plenty of oxygen to get you out of a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation. Bobby Leach also made a successful trip over the falls using a barrel completely made of steel, but he had to spend the next six months recovering from his injuries in a hospital.

If you are a skilled engineer, you could design your own means of transportation over the most popular waterfall in the world and even make it in the Guinness Book. You will need to build something made of a sturdy material which will not break under the pressure and powerful forces of the water, while keeping you safe inside. You should get in touch with a professional locksmith and figure out a lock mechanism that will prevent you from accidentally falling into the water. If you are clueless as to which are the best lock mechanism available for your peculiar plan, get in touch with the guys at or another similar nationwide company that offers 24/7 emergency lockout services and the full range of residential, commercial, and automotive lock repair/installation services. They have seen a lot of hard to break safes and locks during their time spent working as professional and licensed lock technicians and they make for the most suitable people you could be asking advice from. They even offer free estimates so you can figure out what the cost for your Niagara madness would be and decide whether it is time to embrace your adrenaline or simply stay on the side and by a regular visitor.


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