Niagara Daredevil Exhibit at the Niagara IMAX Theatre.

Please note: The Daredevil Exhibit is temporarily closed. The IMAX Theatre is open for business.

Know More! Visit the world’s largest Niagara Daredevil exhibit. Hear the stories, feel the fear and touch the actual daredevil barrels. Nothing is behind ropes. They are not delicate after all, these are the true artifacts that survived the plunge so they can survive anything.

Call them thrill seekers; call them attention seekers; call them crazy, but 16 ‘daredevils’ have challenged the falls. The Daredevil gallery is the only collection of the original daredevil barrels. Drop by, and be amazed at the fragility of the contraptions that actually took people over the brink.

See and touch the actual barrels, spheres and chambers of death that carried the daredevils over the falls in Ontario, Canada, and relive the stories of those who dared to take the plunge.