Calgary couple visit Niagara Falls, IMAX and Daredevil museum

My wife and I were in the Niagra Falls area visiting family and — since she had never been to The Falls before — I decided to take her.

We spent a wonderful weekend there. Seeing my wife’s reaction to the beauty of the falls was priceless. We also visited the other local attractions like the Waterpark and Casino Niagara, and capped it off with a beautiful dinner at the Tower.

The next day we visited the Daredevil museum and saw the IMAX, which was unbelievable! Some of those stories about the daredevils really blew my mind. The Daredevil Museum was really neat. Seeing the actual barrels was also cool.

The IMAX was really great. I certainly recommend it to anyone visiting Niagara Falls.

Tyler A – Calgary, Alberta

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